EatingWell Moroccan Inspired Chicken

At Wegmans, there was a whole new shelf of frozen dinners, so we decided to try the EatingWell Moroccan Inspired Chicken. All the EatingWell boxes stood out because the meals are vacuum-packed and visible from the outside of the box through a front cutout.

The front and back of the box is well designed and easy to read. There are a lot of pros about this meals, including the 250 calorie total, 19g of protein, one cup of vegetables, and no prep needed! No stabbing the plastic with a knife or peeling open a corner. Just open the box and put the dish in the microwave. Nice!

Overall it had a nice savory flavor and was lightly salted, but would benefit from an increase in Moroccan spices. We would get it again though because it was tasty and felt wholesome and good for you.

We grabbed a few other EatingWell frozen dinners — so looking forward to trying them out soon!

EatingWell Moroccan Inspired Chicken

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