Panera Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone

There was a little left on our gift card from Christmas, so we stopped by and got to try this new Panera Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone.

At first, I was a little worried when I cut into it because the outside was pretty crisp. Luckily, it was slightly crumbly inside with chewy, caramelized apple cubes and fall spices throughout. On top was a delightful caramel icing and a pleasant amount of apple filling. I absolutely loved this scone! It reminds me of a classic apple pie.

Panera Caramel Apple Thumbprint Scone

One scone has 490 calories, so I split this with my husband. This scone would go great with coffee, tea or a hot chocolate. Additional details are on Panera’s site here.

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