Sun Basket Subscription Review

For the last meal subscription service we’re trying this year, we chose the Sun Basket subscription to see if we’d like it.

After trying out a few other meal subscriptions this year, we wanted to give Sun Basket a shot even though we were pretty happy with Freshly. For our first week’s box from Sun Basket, it never arrived and was damaged in shipping. So, I emailed Sun Basket and they promptly refunded my payment. Much better customer service than when I had to deal with The Good Kitchen. This review is based off what we received in the second box which successfully reached our house.

All the components for each meal came in a large paper bag. All four of the meals took up a large amount of space in our fridge. For three of our meals, we selected the ones that were the “Fresh & Ready” kinds. The fourth meal was a Pre-Prepped and Speedy type.

Sun Basket Subscription Packaging
two bags took up a majority of our bottom fridge shelf

The oven ready meals were fairly lackluster. There wasn’t much difference in the end result between the oven and microwave prep methods. I’d go with heating them up in the microwave to save time.

Sun Basket Subscription Container
oven-ready and pretty hefty
Sun Basket Subscription Instructions
instruction booklet

The pappardelle would have been a lot better if it had the mushrooms from the chicken tetrazzini. I also didn’t like having to wash spinach and then mix it in after baking the meal, which made me use another dish when they could’ve had it mixed in. Just want to put the meal in the oven and take it out, done. After all the waiting for it to finish baking, it was irritating that the meals were just okay.

Sun Basket Subscription Pappardelle Meal
oven-ready pappardelle meal for two

With the Pre-Prepped and Speedy pork chop meal, the taste wasn’t anything exceptional. Some oiled kale, pork chops, and a blueberry-apricot sauce. Not something we’d make again. When going through the effort to prepare a meal, we want the end result to be worth the effort. There wasn’t enough variety of flavor and texture in all of these meals, especially the Fresh & Ready ones.

Sun Basket Subscription Pork Chop Meal
at least it was very photogenic

After all this, we’ll stick with Freshly. Let us know if you’ve been successful with Sun Basket, or if there’s another meal subscription we should try out.

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