Arby's Beer Battered Fish

Arby’s Sweet Potato Fries and Beer Battered Fish

Earlier this summer, the new Arby’s Sweet Potato Fries and Beer Battered Fish Sandwich were released. I finally got to try them this month.

Wasn’t sure whether I should post this review or not. Maybe they were having a terrible day at the Arby’s where I got my food? I really hope other locations will provide better results for you. Earlier this month, I was having a terrible day and thought I’d cave and order some Arby’s for once to lift my spirits.

Arby's Sweet Potato Fries
the sweet potato fries looked so promising

Unfortunately, Arby’s sweet potato fries were not the ticket for cheering me up. Dried out and burnt with barely any sweet potato flavor inside, like waffle jerky gone wrong. It’s 310 calories for a small size, but that doesn’t account for a majority of the fries being inedible because they’re all blackened and dehydrated.

Arby's Sweet Potato Fries burnt
all is revealed

Next up, the beer battered fish sandwich. I was already concerned after taking a few bites of the crispy waffle fries that they weren’t monitoring the quality of the food. Luckily, the sandwich was edible and tastier than the fries. The messy toppings of shredded lettuce, tomato, and tartar sauce were making all the components slide around. Apparently there were pickles on it, but I didn’t even notice them. The brioche bun was around average, a bit dry. I spent a lot of effort trying to keep things held together and at one point, threw down the sandwich in frustration with tartar sauce all over my hands. The beer-battered cod tasted okay (didn’t taste any beer), but I’ve had better tasting Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. For a calorie comparison, the Arby’s Beer Battered Fish Sandwich is 600 calories vs. the McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish Sandwich at 379 calories.

Arby's Beer Battered Fish
before I took a bite and lettuce went flying everywhere

We also ordered their Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich. It was gross. I want to forget about it. Tasted like pure mayo, not enjoyable at all. Something was definitely going wrong that day at our Arby’s. Took one bite and could not force myself to take another.

Arby's Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich
the mostly mayo salad is hiding inside

Overall, it was really disappointing. In the future, I’ll make the most of my rare visits to Arby’s and get my favorite Beef ‘N Cheddar drizzled in Arby’s sauce with a side of curly fries. Can’t go wrong there. Have you tried either of these new limited items? Hoping you had a much better time.

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