KFC Chicken Little Sandwich

I don’t think we visited KFC once last year. Since the Olive Garden was packed , we ended up getting the KFC Chicken Little Sandwich next door. We wanted to try something new, but ended up ordering this since it looked super cute.

Meet the KFC Chicken Little sandwich:

I love the design of this wrapper. And the inside of the wrapper has an adorable pattern as well! As far as taste goes, it was okay. Not amazing, but if I’m ever at a KFC again and don’t feel too hungry, I’d order this. Crispy, flaky breading with two pickles on top with a decent amount of mayo between an average sesame seed bun.

It is 310 calories, which is more than I expected for such a small amount of food. You can also get two in a $5 Fill Up with mashed potatoes and gravy, a medium drink, and a cookie.

KFC Chicken Little Sandwich

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