Noosa Key Lime and Blackberry Serrano

Noosa yoghurt is one of our favorite brands, so we had to try out the new Noosa Key Lime and Blackberry Serrano flavors we saw at Target. They usually have a good selection of Noosa at our Target, so we decided that these two looked the most interesting. It’s tempting to grab all the different types, but I can’t justify spending all my money on yogurt yoghurt.

As usual, their container designs are modern and simple with bold color. The foil tops had different phrases on both sides (didn’t take photos of the underside because they were covered in yoghurt and not too good-looking).

Noosa Key Lime and Blackberry Serrano

The Key Lime Noosa uses actual key lime puree, which was great to see since a lot of products claim to be Key Lime flavored but just use normal limes. This flavor has a good balance between tart and sweet, with a pleasant buttery aftertaste.

Noosa Key Lime

The Blackberry Serrano Noosa is more spicy than sweet. The spiciness is overpowers the flavor of the blackberry, so this ends up an oddly savory yoghurt.

Noosa Blackberry Serrano

The Key Lime Noosa 8 oz. container is 320 calories and the Blackberry Serrano Noosa is 300 calories. In the end, I would purchase the key lime one again, but not the blackberry serrano.

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