Hungryroot Subscription Review

Hungryroot Subscription Review

Here’s our final Hungryroot subscription review. They are a box subscription service that delivers vegan, gluten-free food. We decided to get another box and try more meals to see if we would keep our subscription going.

Let’s get straight to what we thought of Box 2: it was okay, not amazing. Just like the previous box, we weren’t thrilled with everything. I think we now know some real winners and also meals to avoid. Sadly Box 2 was $99 (The Good Life),  so it’s a fairly expensive learning lesson. For Box 3, we switched to The Starter Set for $69.

Here are some foods we made and really did not like: Bangkok Curry Buddha Bowl (pictured below), Black Garlic Superblend Sauté (also pictured below), Pulled Barbecue Jackfruit Skillet, and the Banana Nut Snickerdoodle Bars. Also the Black Bean Brownie Batter that we loved in the first box was oddly salty in our third box. Not sure what happened there.

Hungryroot Subscription Box 2

Bangkok Curry Buddha Bowl

After eating a few dud meals, we ended up avoiding making the last few recipes and the ingredients went bad by the time we tried to make them.

Hungryroot Subscription Review

Black Garlic Superblend Sauté

Our favorite meal was the Chickpea Pita Mezze Platter, although my husband had difficulty making them into thin pitas and decided they would be pancakes instead. That Fluffy Maple Chickpea Batter they use is absolutely delicious. The runner up for our favorite meal is the Cherry Chia Maple Oatmeal.

We will probably order more of the Starter Set boxes every so often, but we have stopped getting these Hungryroot subscriptions every week. If you would like to give them a try, here’s $30 off a Hungryroot subscription. You can get healthy foods that are all under 500 calories and ready in under 10 minutes. Also, if you’d like to see more Hungryroot subscription reviews of what we liked and disliked, check out Hungryroot Subscription (Box 1).

Hungryroot Subscription Review

Chickpea Pita Mezze Platter

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